about the synergy-xs

Now offering a complete line of 3Fr Single and 4Fr Dual Lumen power injectable Synergy CT PICC catheters for patients with smaller veins. These XS CT offer the same ease and effectiveness as our popular Synergy CT PICC line with the advantage of giving clinicians more options in choosing the best PICC size for the patient.

The Synergy-XS CT PICCs are available in a variety of kit configurations including basic, nurses, and Interventional Radiology to give clinicians an assortment of options to meet patient needs.


One Piece Cannula Construction – No bonds or welds helps to ensure catheter will not break.
CVP Monitoring – SYNERGY CT PICCTM (power PICCs) are indicated for central vein pressure monitoring. Polyurethane Catheter Construction – Provides radiopacity, durability, and strength.
Low Profile Hub – Allows for better patient comfort and easy securement.
Grip-LokTM – Stabilizes and locks catheter securely in place reducing needlestick injuries.
Safety Components – Kit trays include a range of safety components such as, safety scalpel and safety introducer needle to improve patient and clinician safety.

Standard Tray Components

SYNERGY CT PICC, Needle Free Valve (1-2),  Twisted Wire Stylet and Adaptor w/ Sideport, 21GA x 7CM Safety Self.Echo.Needle, PTFE TEaraway Introducer, Nitinol Straight Mandrel GW w/ Tungsten Tip, 10cc Disposable Luer Lock Syr, #11 Safety Scalpel, 24” Paper Tape Measure, PICC Stylet TAG, HLIC PICC Patient Info Guide, HLIC CT PICC Chart Sticker, HLIC CT PICC IFU, Securement Device.


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