about the healthline

The Health Line CT Midline Catheter is intended for short term (less than 30 days) peripheral access to the venous system for the purpose of intravenous therapy, medicines, and blood products. A single venipuncture can meet infusion therapy requirements for patients needing 5-7 days of therapy, thus eliminating multiple needle sticks and enhancing patient comfort.

Additionally, the Health Line can reduce vein in inflammation better than short peripheral catheters and does not require an X-ray after placement.

The Health Line is the ideal choice for clinicians and patients looking for reliable short-term access and is available in single and dual lumen configurations.


Depth Markings – Allow the catheter to be measured and trimmed accurately.

Kit Components – CT injectable Midline Catheter includes MST insertion components.

Polyurethane Catheter Construction – Provides patient with radiopacity, durability, and strength while still allowing for catheter to be soft inside the vessel.

Compatibility – Catheter is MRI compatible.

Placement – X-ray not required after placement. 

Standard Tray Components

Health Line CT Midline Catheter, Injection Cap, Twisted Wire Stylet, .030 I.D. Adaptor w/Sideport, 21GA X 7CM Safety Introducer Needle, PTFE Tearaway Introducer, Nitinol Straight Mandrel GW w/ Stainless Steel Tip, 10cc Disposable Luer Lock Syringe, Non-Safety Scalpel #11, 24" Paper Tape Measure, Stylet TAG, Patient Info Guide, Chart Sticker, IFU,Securement Device, Midline Identification Band


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