Synergy CT Picc Estrella Medical


about the synergy ct picc

The SYNERGY CT PICC offers the ease and effectiveness of PICC access with power injectability, creating a SYNERGY of intravenous therapy options for healthcare practitioners.


Maximum Injection Rates – Allows for the injection of contrast media at rates up to 5ml/sec for CECT Scans.

CVP Monitoring – SYNERGY CT PICCTM (power PICCs) are indicated for central vein pressure monitoring.

Polyurethane Construction – Reverse taper technology helps reduce post insertion bleeding while maintaining radiopacity and patient comfort.

Standardized Trays and Components – Trays are organized with familiar industry components for clinician safety and user friendly procedural steps; including tearaway sheaths, echogenic safety needles, and premium guide wires.

Low Profile Hub – Allows for better patient comfort and easy securement.

Multiple Kit Configurations – Available in Nursing, Basic, and I.R. Long Wire tray configurations.

Standard Tray Components

SYNERGY CT PICC, Needle Free Valve (1-3), Pre-Loaded Twisted Wire Stylet with Flushable T-Port, Safety Seldinger Echo Tip Needle, PTFE Tearaway Introducer, Nitinol Straight Mandrel Guide Wire, 10cc Disposable Luer Lock Syringe, #11 Safety Scalpel, 24” Paper Tape Measure, PICC Stylet TAG, PICC Patient Info Guide, PICC Chart Sticker, IFU, Securement Device.


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